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Kitchen Cabinetry

GoldenHome Cabinetry uses frameless construction and Cam-lock structure. Frameless construction of cabinets using flat panels of engineered wood rather than traditional frame and panel construction. Cam-lock also known as "knock down fasteners".

Bathroom Vanity

GoldenHome Vanity also uses frameless construction and Cam-lock structure. Compare with cabinets, the vanity is special designed for bathroom use, such as floating base cabinets design (no legs) and shorter box design.


The GoldenHome introduced its famous G+ closet to US on 2018. Using 3/4” inch thick MFC board, with melamine laminate on both sides, and PVC banding of matching color on all edges The GoldenHome G+ Closet is easy to design for all space.



GoldenHome regards the customer’s healthy as the top concern, so the company carefully selects environmental friendly materials to ensure customer’s healthy. The company control the material from the very beginning, which makes the raw material to meet the standard of E1, KCMA, CARB 2 etc for different countries. State of the art automated manufacturing equipment, including German Lacquer techniques, combined with recognized Industry experts give GoldenHome precise manufacturing, outstanding finishes, and modern fashion forward designs.



GoldenHome Vanity has the same standard with Cabinetry. It has been special designed for bathroom use. 



Custom your closets in Goldenhome way

Our daily routine begins and ends in our closets, we believe your closet should be an organized, beautiful and delighting place. 
With 7 contemporary finishes, GoldenHome turn your dream into reality, whether your ideal closet is walk-ins, reach-ins or free-standing wardrobes. Modularized section units, coming with rods, shelves, doors, drawers and utility hardware, Goldenhome Closet is extremely easy to custom according to personal needs while best conforming to your budget. 


Project Service

GoldenHome already has multiple project cases all over the world, such as America, Dubai, Korea and Australia. GoldenHome Cabinetry and Vanity products have been used for luxury apartments in New York City, Dubai, Sydney, LA and so on. GoldenHome is offering the best project service for many customers. Looking forward to cooperate with you. 


Seek for Cooperation


GoldenHome welcomes you to join us. Let us work together to spread the joy and quality of GoldenHome’s cabinetry to families across the world.

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